Why Buy Sex Dolls From Us?

Unlike other vendors, mySexDoll.net endeavours to help you find the perfect sex doll. That is why our site is filled with only high quality content to help you understand and assess your needs.

All the dolls that we sell here are carefully chosen for their appearance, quality and value. We do our best to offer competitive pricing and only work with the most reputable manufacturers to ensure what you pay is what you get. So order now and bring the sex doll of your dreams home!

  • Careful Selection Process

    All the sex dolls that we sell on our website have been carefully chosen for their quality and pricing. We have done comprehensive research and comparisons across different dolls to bring you the best we can find. That is why you will notice we offer a smaller range of products as compared to other vendors.

    Currently we are only selling dolls made of Silicone or TPE. This is because these are the materials bested suited for producing realistic lifelike dolls that have the soft texture similar to a real person.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Quality sex dolls are a work of art and therefore do not come cheaply. However we would also want to ensure sex dolls are affordable to all. That is why we work hard with our manufacturers to be negotiating the best prices possible for all our products. We ensure that we can pass on as much of the savings as we can to you.

  • Reputable Manufacturing Partners

    We have carefully researched and investigated our manufacturing partners to ensure that they are not scams and that what you see is what you will be getting. We have a comprehensive process when it comes to checking our manufacturers such as doing both online research such as reading about them on forums and followed by asking the manufacturer to complete a questionnaire for us before we opt to put their products on our website.

    In addition we talk to them regarding every single order to ensure it is progressing smoothly and at a satisfactory speed.

  • Secure Payment

    Online shopping always has some risks. This risk may be higher for sex dolls since the payment is required in full upon purchase and is usually no small amount. That is why we understand it is important to use secure methods of payment and will therefore only accept money through secure channels such as Paypal to ensure that you are being protected.

  • Shipping/Delivery

    Our order and shipping process has been made to ensure that there are no misunderstanding and miscommunications during the ordering process. This is because we as buyers have all too often experienced receiving products that do not match what we ordered due to minor confusions. That is why our process will prevent this.

    Also we wish to do our utmost to ensure that every doll reaches its new owner in the quickest, safest and most discreet manner possible. Our manufacturers are very experienced in packaging dolls for delivery and we use shipping process that balance between speed and affordability.

    For more information on Shipping/Delivery click here.

  • Client Servicing

    Client servicing is very important to us as we understand it is the cornerstone to any good business. That is why we encourage everyone to reach out to us regarding any questions or issues you may have as we would like to do our best to respond to you. We make sure to reply to all emails/correspondences within 2 business days.

    Feel free to reach out to us at contact(at)mysexdoll.net or alternatively you can use our contact form.

  • After Sales Support and Maintenance

    Our servicing does not end once you buy our sex dolls. We offer tips and tricks for maintenance so make sure to check out our blog from time to time and also we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    In the future we will be releasing more articles, pictures and videos teaching you about maintenance and care of your sex dolls. We also hope to be selling some accessories in the future to help you with this. So please keep checking back.

  • Custom Dolls and Product Suggestion.

    If you would like a custom doll, we are more than happy to work with you to make this happen. Alternatively if you have product suggestions feel free to send us a note and we will consider getting it put and made into our platform.

    Feel free to drop us an email or contact us here because as we said our aims is to help you find the perfect sex doll for you.

  • Feedback, Review and Stories

    Lastly we would love to hear your feedback and stories. Feel free to email us photos, interesting stories or comments of our dolls as some of them may even get quoted on our website!

    Feel free to reach out to us at contact(at)mysexdoll.net or alternatively you can use our contact form.