Top Japanese Sex Doll Manufacturers

Japan has always been known to produce high quality goods and this is the same when it comes to Japanese sex dolls. Japanese sex dolls are all produced from silicone and extremely lifelike, they generally look ethnically oriental. See below for some of the top Japanese sex doll manufacturers:

#1: 4Woods Dolls

The ‘4Woods dolls’ is one of the most popular sex doll brand in the world. They were established in 2002 are headquartered in Japan but have offices in US and Europe as well. All of their dolls are of high quality (such as very soft skin) and come with a huge variety of customizability and features; including some of the latest sex doll technologies such as movable hip joints. They currently offer 2 main line of dolls: A.I. Doll and Naughty Dolls.

A.I. Doll is the original line for 4Wood Dolls and consists of ‘realistic life-size silicone dolls’. These dolls were released in 2003 and have undergone continual improvement so they have become very realistic and come with a huge variety of options (such as head, body size, accessories… the list goes on).

Naughty Dolls was released in 2013 and are ‘fantasy life-size silicone dolls’. They possess a greater variety of appearances and features geared towards fantasy looks such as special ear shapes, cosplay costumes, special make up etc. This can surely satisfy the anime and cosplay lovers.

4wood's A.I. Doll

4wood’s A.I. Doll

4wood's Naughty Doll

4wood’s Naughty Doll

#2: Orient Industries

Orient Industries is another high end and popular doll brand within Japan. However as most of their dolls are shipped locally, they do not have much information for international buyers. As a result most of the dolls can only be bought through resellers only for a marked up price. As expected their dolls are of high quality and are made from silicone. They also offer 2 main styles of dolls: real love doll and love doll petite. The difference between the dolls lies in the fact that the real love doll are aimed to replicate real life size Japanese girls whereas the love doll petite are aimed at producing smaller dolls (less than 150cm). Both styles come with a variety of changeable heads. If you would be interested in ordering an Orient Industries doll then contact us here.

Orient Doll

Orient Doll’s Real Love Doll

Orient Doll's Love Doll Petite

Orient Doll’s Love Doll Petite

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