Top 10 American Sex Doll Manufacturers

Sex dolls are growing in popularity in North America, especially among single men (and women!). Read on below to find the top 10 American Sex Doll Manufacturers:

Real Doll

Real Doll

#1: RealDoll

RealDoll by Matt McMullen is the oldest brand in America, to which most other doll manufacturers wish to be compared to. Several different variations are available of these dolls both in male and female genders, and they even take customized orders to get the exact look you want!

Boy Toy Doll

Boy Toy Doll

#2: Boy Toy

Boy Toy is manufactured by the RealDoll company, but these dolls are a bit less real-looking, and are inspired by comic and anime characters. These are all part of a handcrafted and limited series, with three ‘generations” available currently. Several variations and parts are available to customize your doll a bit, but don’t expect RealDoll-levels of unique dolls.

Teddy Babes Example

Teddy Babes Example

#3: Teddy Babes

Teddy Babes are love dolls made of soft plush and poly-fil, and are just like a teddy bear, only in human-like shapes and looks. These are usually collected by enthusiasts, and are used less often for actual sexual acts. They are all female, and two sizes are available: 4.2 feet and 5.5 feet tall.

Mecha Doll

Mecha Doll

#4: MechaDolls

MechaDolls are cheaper, yet still high-quality alternatives to the other silicone dolls. These dolls can be customized out of several pre-made parts, and only come in female versions.


Virgin Rose Dolls

#5: Virgin Rose Doll

Virgin Rose Doll is a US brand that produces American sex dolls within the US. Their dolls are made from silicone and their price ranges are reasonable making them affordable. They dolls are also very realistic making them a contender for the top spots within America.

Private Island Beauty Doll

Private Island Beauties Doll

#6: Private Islands Beauties

Private Islands Beauties are very expensive and highly detailed platinum silicone dolls, which are also customizable. They use a custom silicone which is much more durable than on other dolls, which enables the owner to put actual make-up on the doll. Various heads are also available both with and without oral features.

Candy8teen Doll

Candy8teen Doll

#7: Candy8teen Dolls

Candy8teen Dolls are less expensive than most other options so far, and are hugely popular among doll enthusiasts, mostly because their lower prices. These dolls are not as detailed as the other, more expensive ones, and they have that bit of a Japanese schoolgirl look, but are solid when it comes to actual use.

1stPC Doll

1stPC Doll

#8: 1st PC

1st PC offers many different dolls both in Torso and Full sized. The former is a bit unique aspect of this company, these love dolls omit their lower bodies from below their belts. Their Foamie Dolls are made of silicone, and their breasts and butts are entirely created by using foam.

Mini Love Dolls

Mini Love Dolls

#9: Mini Love Dolls

Mini Love Dolls are similar to the others featured here, with the exception of their sizes: these are downscaled real-looking models of various girls and women.


Ruby13 Doll

#10: Ruby13

Ruby13 makes flexible fantasy dolls with several pre-determined options available to pick from. These dolls are not poseable; they can be bent like poseable ones, but they don’t retain their poses when the pressure on their arms and legs go away.

However technology and quality has been improving around the world and as can be seen as a testament is the high quality of doll that we source that are all manufactured and produce in China. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

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