The Best Sex Dolls Guide Online

The market for sex dolls has grown exponentially online but the available information has not kept pace with this growth. With this in mind we have created “the best sex dolls guide online” and lift the veil of confusion once and help you find the best sex doll for you.

What is a Sex Doll?

Can you tell this whether this is a doll or a person?

Can you tell this whether this is a doll or a person?

Let us first begin by examining what a sex doll is and how it has evolved into being what it is today. As the name suggests, it is a doll which can be used to achieve sensual pleasures by having artificial orifices (Orifices are openings in a the body such as vagina, anus and mouth). They come in many forms and can closely resemble the size and shape of a life like person. They are also often called love dolls as well.

Origin of the sex doll dates back to 17th century when French and Spanish Sailors on long sea voyages would make such dolls from sewn clothes. Women were considered unlucky on ships and therefore, probably resorted to these makeshift companions who were named dames de voyage. But it wasn’t until late 20th century when the more lifelike dolls came in to commercial production.

Modern day sex dolls have evolved so much that they now possess usages beyond that of a simple sex toy. For instance owing to their realistic appearances they are being used by photographers as models, as teddy bears for grownups to cuddle for warmth and companionship, and are also considered collectible pieces of art.

Sex Dolls have received greater acceptance amongst the masses through some popular movies and mentions. For example in the 2007 American-Canadian movie Lars and the Real Girl, the movie revolved around a socially inept yet sweet person called Lars who develops a romantic relationship with a Love Doll named Blanca. Aside from movies, Weird al Yankovic’s song Talk Soup also makes a reference towards sex dolls.

A scene from "Lars and the Real Girl"

A scene from “Lars and the Real Girl”

Even the popular American TV show The Big Bang Theory includes many references to adult dolls. Also high profile fashion photographer Helmut Newton once photographed such dolls for getting published in the popular Playboy magazine. However, they were considered too weird and eventually never published. Although few of these photographs can be found in his autobiography.

From 17th century sewn dolls to the modern day epitome of feminine perfection, sex dolls have evolved phenomenally. Read on to learn about why people buy sex dolls and their usages

Why do people buy sex dolls?

Although sex is definitely one of the the biggest reasons that people buy sex dolls. However there are many other reasons and uses as well, read on to find out what some of them are:

Sex-Dolls as Gag Gifts

inflatable dollCheap blow up dolls/inflatable sex dolls are sometimes used as a gag gift; usually given in birthday parties. These dolls operate similar to other inflatable objects. They don’t look as realistic and their orifices (usually only a vagina) are just crudely shaped openings. However they can be used as proper sex dolls and can actually look quite realistic. More details in our “Guide to Blow Up Dolls“.

Hugging and Cuddling – Love Pillows (Dakimakura)

dakimakuraSex dolls can come in other forms such as inflatable “love pillows” as well. Known as ‘Dakimakura’ in Japan, they may be imprinted with life-sized picture of a porn star or an anime character. Although a sex toy, love pillows are mainly for hugging and cuddling purposes. But one can definitely hug a life sized photograph of their favourite porn star and leave the rest to their imagination. Dolls made from plush materials are also available for the comfort seekers. These dolls are soft like the teddy and contain a working love hole. More information on Dakimakura can be find here.

Fulfilling Fantasies

Sex dolls are for fulfilling fantasies, right? Manufacturers can build custom-faced dolls for their buyers and they can resemble anyone from movie stars to your ex-girlfriend.

Japanese are fans of anime characters and dolls are available for such lovers as well. In fact, Japan now has exclusive brothels that serve anime sex dolls to their customers.

Sex dolls have been developed to now offer even more realistic experiences and one of them is “virginity”. Some manufactures can offer their dolls with a thin hymen like membrane to simulate virginity. Such dolls are for those who wish to experience sex with a virgin. This goes to show how makers of sex dolls go to great lengths to ensure unforgettable and unique experiences.


artsy-stacy-leighAnother popular use for sex dolls is as models for photography. Realism exhibited by these dolls is so fascinating that they have even caught attentions of many a famous fashion photographers. As mentioned earlier in this article, Helmut Newton was one of the famous photographers to have done an exclusive shoot with sex dolls. In our current times Stacey Leigh is one of the most reputed and famous doll photographer. She displays amazing creativity with a variety of poses and settings. Even manufacturers hire her to shoot portfolios of their newly launched doll range. Her work can be found online. Dolls perform the jobs of mannequins as well. They can be dressed up to showcase designer wear by fashion designers and boutiques. These dolls however, do not contain any working orifices.

Historically the form of a naked woman has been depicted as an item of absolute beauty and that is why it is no surprise why famous sculptures and painters have chosen to display their art by portraying bare women. Such an obsession for art continues in modern times and is fulfilled by the beautifully crafted love dolls. Many a connoisseur of art collect these dolls and make them a part of their esteemed collection.


Amongst the other uses described above, having sex with a sex doll is still centrally attached to why people buy one. Making love to one of the modern high end silicone doll is far from feeling artificial. Since the dolls can be preheated and silicone closely resembles real flesh and skin they can even be compared with the real girls.

Besides there are differences to the sexual desires of men and women. Men generally have stronger sex drive compared to women. So more often than not a man in a relationship would be left high and dry by his mate. But the doll is always ready. In addition some men have fetishes or sexual inclinations that may not be shared by their partner, whereas the sex doll will never say no to any such desires. Also some sex dolls are very flexible which means they are capable of getting into complex pose and sex positions. Lastly their inviting gaze and puckered lips make you feel wanted. Always.


Some men can’t stand the need for conversation women have while they are either in the heat of the moment or catching up with the rest in between. For them, the dolls are the silent and understanding companions they have always wished for. Furthermore men who have been unsuccessful in getting a lady love or cannot deal with the nuisances of dating can always retreat back in to the arms of these love goddesses.

Who buys sex dolls?

People that buy sex dolls come from a variety of backgrounds and many of the owners lead perfectly normal lives. Some are even married couples that buy sex dolls to spice up their sex lives or treat it simply as a hobby.

couple with sex doll

Here we have covered some of the common reasons as to why people buy sex dolls along with who these people might be. So let us move on to the next topic: different types of sex dolls available.

Different Types of Sex Dolls Available

One can purchase a sex doll from around $600 and all the way to a super high-end one costing upwards of $6000. Manufacturers offer a great degree of customization which includes choices for material, appearance, weight and many other possibilities.

Standard versus Customized

Manufacturers may offer standard dolls that come with preselected clothes, wigs, makeup, eye colour and skin colour. These are offered as a complete package and cannot be customized and for this reason these dolls are usually cheaper compared to the dolls offered with customization. Their heads are fixed to the body, have minimum makeup and may come without any clothes.

In comparison to the above, semi-standard dolls are also available. These are the ones with a standard face structure but with a great degree of flexibility to choose from. The choices include but are not limited to:

  • Appearance: Choice of selecting makeup of your choice, eye colour, hair colour, clothes, etc. Manufacturers give plenty of attention to these details.
  • Size: Since each doll is specially made for every order, purchaser has a choice to select a variety of combination from the body type, breast size and shape, butt size and height. As a result buyers can pick their favourite features individually, for example a petite body and supple breasts.
  • Features: Other customization features include following features. Ability to change faces; this means either doll’s face can be detached from the skull or the head can be detached from the body. Then comes number of working orifices; which means presence of working anus and/or mouth besides vagina. Moreover, whether such orifices are detachable or not form an important customization.

Full customization is also available but these are very expensive. You can do this by presenting a photograph to the manufacturer along with your desired body size specification.

Realistic or Fantasy

Manufacturers cater to all kinds of tastes. To sculpt a lifelike doll that looks and feels like a real girl is every manufacturer’s attempt. In this attempt they provide various faces, body types, skin colour and a range of customisations mentioned above. In Silicone dolls, the density and stretchability of breasts is different from that of the abdomen. That is the breasts are made softer whereas the abdomen feels tougher like it would in a perfectly toned body. Folds in the vagina and its colour and its texture are amazingly pleasing.

Recognise this doll's character?

Recognise this doll’s character?

In contrast with the realistic dolls above, dolls that do not look realistic, say like anime characters are also available. Dolls can be transformed to anime characters by merely changing the head of the doll or putting on a mask on the current head. Other fabric made low range dolls have permanent anime heads and body. Other non-realistic offerings include dolls that just has a torso with pelvis, blow-up dolls that look like animals, alien and the elderly are also available, however, they are merely gag-gifts.

Material of the Doll – Silicone Dolls, TPE Dolls, Robber Dolls

One of the most important feature about a doll is the material which it is made of. The material used not only decides the price of the product but also the purpose. The most basic blow up dolls are made from vinyl or PVC (more details in our “Guide to Blow Up Dolls“). Whereas dolls that are not inflatable are usually made from other materials. Fixed form dolls need materials of different kinds and they are:

Left to Right: Silicone Doll, TPE Doll, Rubber Doll

Left to Right: Silicone Doll, TPE Doll, Rubber Doll

  1. Rubber (around $150 – $500): Before silicone dolls took over, rubber was widely used to make sex dolls. Rubber dolls are not as long lasting as silicone and need a more thorough cleaning as well. Rubber is porous and therefore bacteria may get stuck in the pores and this in turn might lead to bacterial infection. But as long as it is cleaned properly and a material called phthalates (pronounced thu-lates) is not added in the manufacturing, rubber dolls are pretty much safe for use. Phthalates makes rubber and PVC softer and flexible, however, it is harmful to humans on prolonged exposure. Presently, rubber is used to make high quality inflatable sex dolls.
  2. Fabric (around $700 – $1000): Fabric is also used to make sex dolls. Although these dolls lack realistic skin-like touch, but they do offer comfortable companionship. Orifices of these dolls are usually made up of silicone and are removable so that they can be cleaned easily. But fabric must not be confused with plush material dolls. Plush material dolls are specially made out of materials like the ones you see in soft toys. These plush dolls serve better as teddy bears than they serve as sex companions though they can come with orifices as well.
  3. TPE (around $1500 – $3000): Thermoplastic Elastomer has evolved in recent years as an alternative to the silicone. TPE is equally durable and almost equally lifelike as silicone and yet comes at a lower price tag. Coming years may see TPE being adopted even by the top manufacturing brands.
  4. Silicone (around $3000 – $6000): Silicone is the most commonly used material in making of sex dolls since it gives a lifelike texture to the skin, it is long lasting and is non-reactive which makes silicone safe to use. Most high end dolls are made from silicone. They feel amazing on touch and their bodies including the orifices are amazingly sculpted. To add to this, faces of these dolls bear resemblance to real girls. Silicone dolls are heavier than other kinds of dolls; which is a good thing. As a general rule they are half the weight of real humans. And because they are the realistic looking, these are the ones that are used by photographers as their models.

Details regarding material choices and pricing will be discussed in a separate article.

Sex Dolls in Other Genders – Male or Shemale Dolls

male shemale sex dollOne thing to take note of is that sex dolls are not only female but can be other genders too. However, the sex doll market is largely dominated by demand for female sex dolls so there is significantly less variety when it comes to sex dolls in other genders.

Besides male sex dolls, shemale sex dolls are also available. These dolls have the body of women but genitalia of both the genders. Usually you don’t have to buy separate dolls for this feature because the orifices are removable and the same slot can be used to attach a male shaft.

Sex Dolls Ethnicity – Oriental, Caucasian…

ethnicity sex dollBecause the dolls bear human resemblance, their faces usually reflect characteristics of their origins. Dolls manufactured in Japan, China or any other East Asian region provide Asian looking dolls. Whereas the Caucasian looking dolls are available from the Western markets. The Caucasian dolls further bear resemblance to various ethnicities. Since these dolls are made to look real, even their skin tones are accurate to their origins.

Readers by now should understand that manufacturer of sex dolls have left no stone unturned when it comes to imitating human life form. A person looking for a companion amongst these dolls is sure to find one. But there are still even more interesting things to learn about these beauties. Read on next to learn about the features within a sex doll.

Features within a sex doll

Besides how dolls look they offer many features for their use. We will provide some basic insights about these capabilities but will discuss this in more depth in a separate article. So let us move on to that.

Skeletal Structure

skeleton dollDolls are made so that they can be manoeuvred into various positions and for this to happen they would require some sort of skeletal system (otherwise they would be unable to hold poses). Like a human, a skeletal system allows the sex doll to bend from its joints allowing it to retain a set position like a person. All high end silicone dolls possess some sort of skeletal framework in them. Various manufacturers use different materials to make up their skeletal system; for example they can be made from PVC for bones and steel for joints or a completely aluminium structure. Skeletons of these dolls are stronger and as such can be moved in to a variety of positions including standing up on their feet.

Other dolls such as the ones that are made from fabric have a weaker skeleton. They are made from wire and as such cannot stand on their own. However, they can be manoeuvred in to many sitting and crouching positions. Cheaper dolls that look like a stuffed toy do not possess a skeletal framework therefore while they are bendable they cannot be set into desired poses. However, stands make it possible to stand them up in upright position which are available as accessories from manufacturers.

Advanced skeletal systems now found in the higher end silicone dolls also allow movable hip joints. Movable hip joints allow for the legs of the doll to be spread apart. The angle of the spread can be a maximum of 120 degrees, which allows for a grip over the thighs of the dolls.

How tall and big are lifelike sex dolls?

Dolls are surely made to look lifelike, but are they life-sized? Well, yes they are most of the time. Most silicone dolls start from close to 5 feet and can be as tall as 5 feet 7 inches on average or even taller in exceptional cases.

Plush dolls made from fabric are shorter. They start from 4 feet 2 inches but reach up to 5 feet 5. Even silicone manufacturers that make collectible style dolls aim for a petite and shorter dolls. So those are short and only a little above 4 feet. These have narrow bone structure as well and look extremely delicate. Even though they are shorter in sizes and made for collectible purposes, they are just as functional as the larger ones.

Manufacturers allow buyers to customize breast and butt sizes of the doll. Options start from small and perky to supple and extra supple sizes. Butts are customizable with various sizes as well as gel implants can be introduced to make them extra soft.

How heavy are sex dolls?

The taller it is the heavier it weighs. Silicone dolls are the heaviest of all. They can weigh as much as 100 pounds. Many manufacturers have managed to significantly reduce the weight of their dolls by re-proportioning and re-sizing them, so they weigh around 60 to 80 pounds. As a general rule silicone dolls weigh around half of real humans.

For purpose of sex, a heavier doll may feel more realistic, however, there are more downsides to it than up. A heavier doll is difficult to carry and store. This proves to be problematic while cleaning. Also heavier doll is at a risk of deforming under its own weight and this is the reason why a pillow or any cushion should be placed in their underside while storing.

In contrast to the above, a lighter doll has several benefits like they are easier to move around, easier to clean, lower risk of deformation and easy manoeuvring. Non-silicone dolls such as the fabric ones are lighter and weigh between 10 to 20 pounds only.

Orifices (Vagina, Anus and Mouth)


A sex doll contains at least one orifice, the vagina, but additional ones such as the anus and mouth are also available. These orifices are usually designed for lovemaking. These orifices can either be fixed or removable from their slots. Most high-end dolls usually have a removable slot for these and if an option is provided between the detachable and non-detachable, it is a generally a good idea to go for a detachable one.

The reason for preferring a detachable orifice is that they are more hygienic. Since bodily fluids can be infectious, the removable orifices can be cleaned easily. Parts completely made from silicone can even be sterilized by boiling them in water.

Dolls that have functional mouths are complete with teeth and tongue. Both are made from soft silicone so the teeth don’t hurt. The mouth can also be widened by pulling down the chin.

Vaginal holes are also offered with differently textured inner walls that help achieve extra sensation. These are of course detachable ones. It is worth noting that modern dolls with detachable orifices are intelligently designed so as to conceal any signs of opening. This kind of design helps to maintain the aesthetic look.


As mammals we are warm-blooded therefore we find comfort from warm bodies. Cold feels lifeless. For this reason most owners of sex dolls like to warm their dolls before intercourse. They do so by covering dolls with an electric blanket before sex and since silicone has heat retention properties it doesn’t lose temperature quickly.

Keeping the needs of consumers in mind, doll makers have come up with self-heating dolls. Bodies of these dolls are integrated with heaters so that each limb to its extremities can be properly heated. Temperature of these dolls mimic temperature of human body as well as the heat is equally diffused over the body and monitored separately for each zone. Silicone is resistant to high temperatures and therefore heating these dolls does not deteriorate its materials. Self-heating dolls are energy efficient and safe to use.


Manufacturer’s treat each and every order with care and put efforts in to delivering a doll with custom appearance. You can choose a doll’s wig, eyes, makeup, clothes, nail art, shoes and many more while ordering which you think will suit best on the doll of your choice.

Once purchased, changing how the doll looks is also quite straightforward. You can change wigs, eyes, makeup, clothes, and other things of a sex doll. All these items are the accessories.

So from skeleton, height, weight to heating, these are the various main features within a sex doll. Accessories will be covered in the following section.

Sex Doll Accessories and Body Parts

A doll’s look can be changed by drastically by changing the their accessories and/or their body parts. Usually available on the manufacturer’s website, of course some of these can be bought elsewhere as well.

Doll Wig Combine

A different haircut can most noticeably change a doll’s look. Additional wigs are separately sold by sellers and these are available in different cuts such as wavy, straight, layered cut, curled and bob cuts. These plus length variety such as long, medium & short; and colour variety such as black, brown and golden are also available. Many more are of course out there but the above options are just for an idea as to the number of ways a doll can be transformed just by a different haircut.

Undressing a doll is an important part of lovemaking and since undressing is important so must be the dresses. Manufacturers provide a number of erotic apparel options that fit their dolls like a glove. The offerings include but are not limited to diaphanous negligee and leotards; nightgown, swimsuits and huge range of erotic lingerie. Other online traders also sell such clothes and they can be availed at better rates. Depending on the size of your doll you can also try purchasing normal clothes as many of these dolls are realistically enough to fit people’s clothes.

If clothes and wigs can be changed, why not their faces? Yes, a sex doll’s face can be changed quite easily too. For some you can just pop the head in and out without any tools and for others you can just remove the magnetically attached face and place another instead as the magnets fix on their positions over the skull.

sex doll standAnother useful accessory would be a stand. Although a stand does not improve your sex doll’s aesthetic, but it can help dolls stand in upright positions and maintain various poses. Stands are available from manufacturers. They usually support the doll from under the shoulders where the doll can support its weight without causing any damage to its skeleton. Stands are also available for dolls that do not have any kind of skeletal system.

Besides the above, there are other accessories such as jewellery, replaceable vaginas with different patterns on inner walls, (giving a different feel) replaceable eyes and many more. However, it must be taken care that a single manufacturer might not be providing all of the accessories and customizations mentioned above; so it is always a good idea to check beforehand since not all accessories are universal.

Now that we are familiar with what a sex doll is and its various features we will now move on to providing you some tips that will help you when you purchasing a sex doll.

Choosing/Buying the Best Sex Doll?

Note: This section is mainly for serious doll buyers and so will not discuss buying dolls as gag gifts or novelty items.

Sex dolls come in a lot of varieties so buying a doll requires making many decisions. As mentioned silicone dolls and TPE dolls can easily cost thousands of dollars if you go for the higher end ones Thus it is important to be well informed when making your purchase.

Now, since one of the factors that will influence your decision is the cost and your budget. As sex dolls vary a lot in price, we have decided to set a distinction between two price ranges when discussing sex dolls: above $4000 (high end sex dolls) and below $4000 (Lower-end sex dolls).

High End Sex Dolls (>$4000)

Dolls costing upwards $4000 have the best top end features. Most dolls in this category are made from Silicone with the rare exception of TPE.High quality means that the silicone skin is platinum cured. Inclusion of platinum in manufacturing means the silicone is medical grade which ensures that oil is not used; this prevents oil oozing from its skin which is a commonplace in cheaper silicone dolls. However it must be noted that not all premium doll manufacturers use this process and the handful of them who do will be promoting this feature upfront.

Besides the material used, premium dolls generally come with a stronger and more flexible skeleton which allow for better posing. They also have plenty other customization features some of which are breast sizes and shapes, butt sizes, skin tones, the feel of the vaginas (i.e. with patterned walls) and with or without self-heating mechanism. Overall, it can be said that these premium dolls have left no stone unturned when it comes to mimicing realism.

Slightly Cheaper Sex Dolls (<$4000)

On the other hand we have dolls cheaper than $4000. This price range of dolls come in a wider variety of materials. Although 100% silicone dolls are still available even in this price range, other varieties such as silicone-urethane mixture, fabric dolls and TPE dolls are common. As the dolls get cheaper finishing gets poorer. Some dolls even show prominent seams that run along the length of arms, legs and the body. Customization options become limited as well as the doll’s aesthetic appeal suffers. Skeletal system is made out of wire in this range and it is possible for no skeletal system to be present at all. Others do not provide any kind accessories, not even clothes. This category also includes the inflatable dolls which are the cheapest of them all. A good quality inflatable doll costs only about $100 and the mainstream common blow-up dolls can be bought at as low as $10 as well.

Cheap dolls do not necessarily mean inferior dolls. Dolls made from TPE are 100% waterproof and do not absorb any moisture. Dolls made from fabric such as Lycra and polyurethane foam feel warm and comfortable. It is because of this quality plush dolls are popular amongst budget doll seekers.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Once you know the kind of doll you want and your budget has been decided, then it is time to find a matching manufacturer. Begin by browsing manufacturer’s website and look in the gallery of photographs while noting some of the following pointers; or check out our other guide on “Choosing your first sex doll” here.

  • Poseability: Not just whether the doll’s ability to pose but even the degree of flexibility. It may not be possible to tell this from the photographs, but there is always an information page on the website which will provide details on this.
  • Ethnicity: Then comes choosing the doll’s ethnicity. Because manufacturer’s mimic real life, they look like people. If you tend to gravitate towards women of specific origins, you might want to check out the offerings.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: This is a simple pointer as your instincts will guide your decision. Dolls of a few manufactures will appeal to you while others will not. So go with the ones that you find attractive and leave out the others.

Most manufacturers have pre-designed dolls with name and sometimes even a backstory. So make sure to spend some time and browse through the gallery page dedicated for their products. Once you are ready, take note of the name of the doll you want and proceed to the order page.


Once at the ordering page, most websites will ask you to fill in an order form for placing the order. Here you can select customizations and accessories like wigs, eyes, breast and butt sizes and proceed to make payment. However, many manufacturers will require you to write down the order form as an email and send it to them. They might not even have an online payment gateway and therefore require payments through alternative methods. Cheques, Wire Transfer & Direct Deposits to Bank account all are the commonly accepted methods of payment. In any case the manufacturer will help the customer make their payment.

Delivery: Delivery Method and Location

Manufacturers don’t keep a reserve stock of their manufactured dolls. Each doll is made for its respective order and can take up to 9 weeks for the order to be delivered. It arrives in a wooden crate or a cardboard box. There is no indication or labelling on the box that reveal the contents inside; manufacturers are discreet and care for their customer’s policy.


Usually the manufacturer would be ready to ship around the globe, however, the popular destination for shipping include USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Countries of South America, African countries, European Countries and Russia. For shipping to other countries, manufacturers advise their buyers before purchasing to check whether erotic goods are allowed to be imported within their country of residence. The dolls are shipped through reputed shipping companies and they usually take care of the import procedures and pay import duties on purchaser’s behalf which is collected upon delivery. If this is not the case the customs office calls the purchaser to visit and make the payment. In any case, the purchaser need not worry about the customs procedures.

Reputable Manufacturers

To help you get started, here are some of the popular manufacturers. However there are many many more so remember to check there others out as well.

  • RealDoll makes luxurious lifelike dolls. This is the brand of the doll used in the movie “Lars and the Real Girl” and one of the most reputable dolls world wide.
  • Boy toy which is the sister company of real dolls makes petite dolls which are perfected in ways that make it more of a collectible than a sex doll at a premium price.
  • 1am doll usa offers inflatable dolls besides its regular silicone dolls.
  • 4woods offers many premium options to the buyers for whom money is not a main concern.
  • Teddy babes offers plush teddy bear like dolls.
  • Mechadolls is known for providing electrically self-heating dolls.
  • DSDoll is a famous Chinese manufacturer that produces silicone dolls

To get a longer life out of your doll it is necessary to take care of it by cleaning it and properly storing it. We will cover the basics on maintenance in the following section.

Maintenance and care of sex doll

Proper care and maintenance of the sex doll will significantly increase its life. Silicone Dolls last for years and good care will restrict premature aging as well as unwanted deformation. Deformation can also occur during storage, so it is important to take care of a few things while storing dolls. Let us learn a few things quickly.

Clean After Use

The doll must be cleaned properly after sex every time. Before you begin cleaning the doll must be laid flat on a surface in order to take away pressure from its joints. If a cleaning kit was provided with the doll it is advisable to use that or else make a cleaning solution using lukewarm water with a combination of mild detergent as well as any antibacterial soap.

Clean the orifices thoroughly with the solution and rinse it with adequate water. If you are cleaning the face’s cavity, remove the head and wash it under a running tap whilst avoiding the makeup. Let everything dry naturally; do not hasten the process by blow-drying as it could damage the doll.. Store it only after it has completely dried off; this is necessary to avoid mould growing inside.


If creases or wrinkles have come up after use, just lay it flat on any surface. The wrinkles should even out on their own. Dolls should not be stored in conditions that cause creasing, such as tight fitting clothes. Wrinkles that stay for a longer period of time become permanent. Many silicone dolls need oil in their manufacturing for casting silicone. If a doll is laid on a surface for a long period of time, oil would ooze from the skin on to the surface. Moreover, doll’s butt or breasts may flatten out depending upon where the weight of the doll rests. Thus during storage, position of the dolls must be changed every few days.


When not in use, it is advisable to store the doll in the crate that it came inside of and must be placed in the same position. Avoid excessively cold and excessively hot storing conditions. Room temperature that is comfortable for humans will suit the doll. Also avoid storing the doll in humid places as the doll may soak in too much moisture in these conditions.


If you wish to move it around always ensure that it does not get stretched from its joints. If you are transporting it over a distance, use the crate that it came in. This safety instructions are of course for the dolls made from silicone. If it is a plush doll, it can be bent and carried inside a duffle bag without a worry of a thing.

This is it about it for maintenance and storage of your doll. Besides the general rules, it is extremely recommended to carefully read the instructions that came along with the doll.


Owners and enthusiasts of sex dolls have taken to the internet to share their knowledge. There are now many websites, blogs and forums on the internet entirely dedicated for doll users. While blogs and websites are run by individual enthusiasts who wish to share photos and knowledge, the forums provide doll owners with a place to meet and interact with other fellow enthusiasts. Here are few of the popular ones to help you get started.


Then there are some blogs run by individuals that provide photographs and information on dolls.

Photo Blogs containing pictures of dolls, dolls dressed to cosplay and other information.

Stacey Leigh, the famous doll photographer has her own website where she displays her amazingly creative pictures. As mentioned earlier in this guide, she is one of the most talented and reputed doll photographer at the moment.


Forums help various doll enthusiasts to gather at one place and share their views and knowledge on a variety of topics related to dolls. Topics like maintenance, purchasing, doll reselling, doll making and many more topics are covered on this forums. For doll owners forums are the ultimate destinations to find resources. Amongst the doll forums mentioned below, is the largest community of doll lovers.

Besides those mentioned above, websites such as has some great articles on doll maintenance and lastly there is an ezine (online magazine) website:, which is a well-known resource amongst doll enthusiasts.

Ending Remark

With this we conclude our “The Best Sex Dolls Guide Online”. Our aim by creating this guide was to help other would-be sex doll owners get started and we hope you have found this information useful.

For more ideas feel free to check out other posts in our blog.