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Chloe, 65cm Silicone Doll

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Product Description

A mini love doll with a unique figure. Chloe boasts a slender yet voluptuous frame that makes all sex doll lovers ecstatic. She is a mini silicone doll which makes her skin tight and squeezable. Her light body allows her to be easily transported around. However she only comes in 1 distinct hair color but can have two different eye colors: brown and blue. Buy Chloe now to fulfill all your mini love doll fantasies!


Hair ColorEye Color
Currently Chloe only comes in blonde as depicted in the photo. If a different hair color is required please contact us directly to see if we can arrange.
Height (cm)65
Weight (kg)3.5
Breast (cm)36
Waist (cm)25
Hip (cm)37
Foot Size (cm)9
Orifices (non-detachable)Vagina
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3 reviews for Chloe, 65cm Silicone Doll

  1. 4 out of 5


    Very cute and smooth small doll, great if you don’t have to much space in your place or want t be able to store her away in a tight area. Silicone material makes her texture feel VERY realistically. However my only complaint is that the team initially took sometime to get back to me regarding this doll and the order took a bit longer than I thought (3 weeks).

  2. 5 out of 5


    Very light and soft. I am very satisfied with its texture and feel. Her butt is also well crafted and rounded which turns me on (I’m a butt person). Lastly, I think at $580, Chloe is one of the best dolls here as value for money is concerned. If I had it might way I would like to have some variation on the wig but this is very minimal as I think the doll looks great in blonde.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Compact and Amazing! Best doll!!!

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