To help you out we have put together a glossary of the terms used within the sex doll world. Let us know if there are any words you think should be included here! (Use Ctrl+F to search the term you are looking for)

Blow Up Dolls/ Inflatable Dolls – A type of sex doll that is inflatable or air pumped usually made out of vinyl. They are the cheapest type of sex dolls. More information here.

Body Specifications – Sex dolls have different body specifications. It even varies per manufacturer.

Body Type – Sex dolls have different body types. It even varies per manufacturer.

Customized Dolls – Sex dolls that can be customized to specific requirements. The buyer can choose from any body type, eye color, breast size, hair color, and ethnicity. Some even request manufacturers to create one of a kind dolls like their copying their exes or their favorite celebrities. These dolls are usually made of high quality materials such as silicone and fairly expensive.

Doll Accessories – These are items that can be added as supplementary to sex dolls. It ranges from all kinds of accessories, from make-up, dresses, bags, etc.

Doru no Mori (Doll Forest) – A business in Tokyo, Japan that offers members the service to rent their dolls. Membership is around 2,000 yen and rental fees of the dolls ranges from 13,000 to 45,000 yen.

Dutch Wives – In Japan, Dutch Wives would mean sex dolls. In recent years, it is now more associated on the relatively cheaper sex dolls.

Fabric Dolls – A type of sex doll made of Fabric

Gynoid – is anything that resembles or pertains to female human form. It is recently applied to humanoid robot that copies the female human form. Some popular Gynoids such as Aiko are eroticized as it includes sensitivity sensors on its breasts and genitals to facilitate sexual responses.

Hand Skeletal – This is a feature that enables the doll to hold an object and display various expressions. This is a good feature if you like to take photos the love dolls.

i-doloid – is a Japanese magazine that is focused on featuring sex dolls doing erotic poses.

Love Pillows – or in Japanese Dakimakura are large pillows that portrays life-size picture of anime characters. Some pictures depict anime characters as well as pornographic stars in suggestive poses. More information here.

Orifices – Are openings on the body of the sex dolls that are primarily used to in the sexual activity with the sex doll. These can be identified as the vagina, anus and mouth.

Rubber Dolls – A type of sex doll made of rubber, normally used for blow up dolls/inflatable dolls

Removable Orifices/Vagina – Removable orifices on sex dolls and is usually only possible for the vagina. Removable orifices are primarily for hygeine purposes as this makes them easier to clean and then re-inserted for re-use.

Sex Bot – is a robot that is designed to have sex with humans

Sex Doll (or a Love Doll) – A type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid of masturbation. It may consist of an entire body or certain parts of the body such as pelvic part with orifices and accessories such as vagina, anus and mouth. More information here

Sex Toy – An object or device primarily used for sexual stimulation and or to enhance sexual pleasure

Silicone Dolls – A type of sex dolls that is made out of maily silicone. This type of dolls are the most expensive as they are most realistic in terms of touch and texture to an actual person.

TPE Dolls – A type of sex doll made of TPE. This is growing in popularity as it is a cheaper alternative to silicone and is still fairly realistic.