Custom Doll

custom dollCustom dolls although highly desirable are also very expensive. This is because to customize a doll a custom body mold and face mold will need to be created for the silicone or TPE. This process is both difficult and time consuming therefore resulting in a high price tag.

That is why for most cases we would not advise our clients to purchase custom dolls and instead we try to offer a mix & match service. What this means is that if you see 2 dolls on our website with features that you like we will try our best to see if we can combine them together just for you.

Mix & Match Service

Here at we offer the option to possibly mix and match our existing dolls. What you need to do is simply follow the process below and if you have any questions you can always feel free to reach out to us.

  1. Browse our doll shop to find the dolls you like and mark them down.
  2. Choose at least 2 dolls you like and drop us a message letting us know what you want exactly for example “the face of our Anatasia 100cm, the body of our Kylie 158cm”.
  3. We will then confirm the possible combinations or provide suggestions and let you know the price of these dolls (usually it will be the cost of the body + $75 administrative fee). You can also feel free to ask any questions here as we are happy to discuss.
  4. Once you confirm you are interested via email, we will go ahead and set up a custom web page for you on our website within 2 business day which includes the details of the customization.
  5. We will then email the link to you directly along with the password for your access.
  6. You can then purchase this item as if you would any other doll through our secure payment checkout process.
  7. Once payment has been cleared we will email you to let you know we have begun production and get back to you once the shipping is underway and provide you with your order tracking code.

Hope you enjoy this service and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedbacks!