Guide to Mini Love Doll a.k.a. Mini Sex doll, Small Sex doll

Before we start, we assume you are familiar with what a love doll/sex doll is. But if you are not then don’t fret as you can learn the basics of all you need over at our comprehensive guide to sex dolls here.

What are mini love dolls?

Mini love dolls also known as mini sex dolls or small sex doll are simply miniature versions of sex dolls. Although there is no standard size for them, here at we define ‘mini’ love dolls as anything below 100cm.

Appearances of a mini love doll


Some of the time mini love dolls look just like a shrunk down version of the sex dolls themselves; they boast the same curvy body and beautiful faces. These are likely produced to address storage concerns so their appearance resembles that of a real woman.

However there are also mini love dolls that have a more fantasy & anime look. You will notice that these dolls can come with exotic hair colors such as pink or blue and can opt to be customized with elf ears or carry anime like eyes. This is to cater to the fantasy/anime enthusiasts since usually characters such as elf are suppose to be smaller in stature. Thus this allows them to recreate their own fantasy through the mini love dolls.

What are they made of?

Like typical sex dolls, mini sex dolls are made from either TPE or Silicone material so they offer the same realistic feel as to their larger counter parts. There is no real difference between the two and the manufacturing process is identical as well. Therefore quality and durability is of the same high standard as well (as long as you find a high quality manufacturer like the ones here at

Using your mini sex doll


Roxanne our 65cm doll

The design of the mini love doll was partially to cater for easier usage and convenience. For instance due to its lighter frame (weighs less than 5kg) it is significantly lighter to carry it around your home especially when you live in a house with stairs and also performing certain physically demanding sex positions will be less tiring. The smaller size also allows it to be easily carried through small doorways or narrow corridors and you are less likely to accidentally hit the doll when carrying it around.

However on the flip side, there are certain setbacks to using a mini love doll. The most noticeable one being that it will only have a single orifice, which is normally the vagina. This is because the small size makes it difficult to fit additional orifice inside the small sex doll’s body and also make including non-detachable inserts very difficult (thus most come with in-built vaginas). In addition certain certain normal activities may also seem unrealistic, for example dancing with your doll may be odd since she will likely be dangling in the air. Lastly purchasing clothing may not be as easy since most sizes will not fit your mini love doll.


Maintenance of your mini love doll is no different to sex doll. It is important to sanitize and wipe her down after use each time especially after sexual activities because bacteria can fester over time on it making it a health hazard for yourself.

Also although durable, mini love dolls are also made from TPE & Silicone so can suffer the same issues such as tears in the material. Thus it is important to exercise some degree of care when using your mini love dolls.

Lastly storage is significantly easier due to the fact that your mini love doll is significantly smaller in size. Thus it can fit in most closets or can be carefully tucked away in many areas.


Now that we have gone through all the details, it is time to recap with a simple pro/cons table to help you assess whether buying a mini love doll is suitable for your needs.


  • Light and easy to carry around the house
  • Small allowing for easy storage
  • Anime/Fantasy looks to appease anime/fantasy lovers


  • Usually only one orifice being the vagina
  • Not as realistic for certain activities
  • Harder to dress up due to size of clothing

In a Nut Shell

All in all mini love dolls are suppose to be smaller version of sex dolls to cater for practical needs such as light and easy to store or cater for fantasies such as cute elf-like appearance. They are generally easier to handle than a larger sex doll and the cheaper price tag means it is a doll that we recommend for beginners.

Hope you have found this helpful. Please check out some of our mini love dolls here. And feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions comments or feedbacks.


Silicone Doll vs TPE Doll

A question we get a lot recently is what are the differences between silicone dolls, TPE dolls and other materials and which ones should we be buying? In this post we hope to answer these questions and will be discussing the materials, silicone and TPE at length and comparing how these materials stack up when used to make sex dolls.


As the sex dolls industry has grown in popularity, manufacturers have been explaining new ways and alternatives to produce cheap sex dolls at more affordable prices whilst retaining the high quality that silicone dolls can bring. This is especially true when silicone dolls are generally sold upwards of at least USD$3000!

Therefore a variety of materials were experimented on such as vinyl, latex, plush and fabric. However there was little success as all of these materials did not provide a realistic look for the doll nor was the texture of high quality (i.e. not smooth/soft) making them suitable for mostly low quality sex dolls.

Eventually due to the higher need for cheaper sex dolls in Asia, the Chinese manufacturers began experimenting with TPE. This material provided a cheaper yet high quality alternative to silicone and is slowly growing a strong following. Currently many of the dolls produced in China are made from TPE.

What is TPE?

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer sometimes known as thermoplastic rubbers. It is made from mixing polymers such as a plastic and a rubber, which consists of materials with both thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber) properties.

It is fairly popular material used in everyday items because it can be used to make items that possess rubber like features but still utilize the efficiency of current injection molding techniques making it more economical. This gives TPE advantages for use in general production because it possess the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility
  • Shock absorption
  • Soft texture
  • Mold-ability (to provide ergonomic comfort)
  • Slip resistance
So it has been used to make things such as cosmetic cases, handle/grips, shoe soles, cushions etc. Pricing of TPE is usually fairly affordable as well and it is recyclable material.

Pros/Cons of TPE Dolls

TPE Doll

A TPE Doll

As discussed, TPE is an extremely useful material with interesting properties. This makes it an excellent choice for sex dolls. Below are some of the pros/cons of TPE dolls:


  • Value – Good value for money; significantly cheaper than silicone dolls yet a lot nicer in quality than a blow up doll
  • Lifelike appearance – TPE dolls are very realistic and lifelike.
  • Smooth/Soft texture – TPE is used in many ergonomic items such as handles proving it is very soft and smooth to handle
  • Squeezable – Elastic features gives it a life-like texture
  • Can retain warmth – Able to retain body warmth making it more realistic when warmed up
  • Hypoallergenic – TPE is hypoallergenic material meaning it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
  • Odorless material – No odor or weird smells you get from other material such as jelly or rubber
  • Compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants (unlike silicone dolls that are only compatible with water based lubricants, though water based lubricant is still best)


  • Porous material – It is a porous material meaning it is a material with small holes like pores. This means fluids can get trapped inside of the pores in the TPE in which bacteria and germs can grow if the TPE doll is not cleaned properly.
  • Cannot be sterilized – Porous materials cannot be sterilized in nature.
  • Quality depends on blend – The quality of the TPE i.e. how smooth it is, depends largely on the formula of the blend thus TPE dolls can vary across different manufacturers. Also unknown materials can be blended into it as well since each manufacturer uses their own formula.
  • Newer material – TPE dolls are a more recent invention and so some of the techniques in producing these dolls are not as refined


It is clear that the pros outweigh the cons especially when many of the issues of TPE dolls occur only because of using TPE that is blended poorly. Thus it is important to be buying dolls from reputable TPE manufacturers! We understand this that is why all our TPE doll manufacturers are carefully scrutinized to ensure we are partnered with the best manufacturers possible. Check out our store now for TPE Dolls!

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a polymer that is a man-made material. It is typically heat resistant and rubber like so have a wide range of application such as in lubricants, medicine, glue, cooking utensils etc. It can come in many forms but the one that we see in silicone dolls is silicone rubber.

Silicone rubber can be very soft or very firm depending on how it is formulated and is very good at retaining its original shape even under extreme pressure. It is also very heat resistance so can be boiled to sterilize it and is highly inert since it does not react with most chemicals (explain why it is used in medical implants).

Due to its many useful properties silicone rubber can be used and found in many places such as implants, remote controls, food storage products, undergarments, sportswear and a variety of unseen applications.

Pros/Cons of Silicone Dolls

Silicone Doll

A Silicione Doll by 4Woods

Silicone is an amazing material that is even used for human implants. Naturally this makes it a top choice for producing lifelike dolls. Below we check out some of the pros/cons of the silicone sex dolls:


  • Realistic appearance – Silicone dolls are the most realistic looking dolls you can get
  • Realistic soft texture – Silicone has a very realistic texture, which is why it is used in breast implants etc. It is generally softer and feels nicer than TPE (though the quality depends on the TPE blend)
  • Tried and true – Silicone dolls have been around for a while and it is a proven material to make sex dolls out of
  • Can retain warmth – Like TPE, silicone can also retrain warmth to make it seem more realistic
  • Non-porous material – The non-porous nature of this material makes it more hygienic and easier to sterilize
  • Hypoallergenic – Silicone is also a hypoallergenic material meaning it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions.


  • Expensive – Silicone dolls are more expensive because silicone itself is a more expensive material along with the technology needed to produce it.
  • Harder and more rigid – Silicone does not possess the elasticity that rubber does making it more rigid at times (that is why you can sometimes tell when people have breast implants).
  • Less durable – Silicone is not know to be a very durable material


Silicone is a high quality material making it suitable for a wide range of application and sex dolls are no exception. It is able to make very realistic and high quality dolls and has been the material of choice for a while (especially prior to TPE). However the steep price tag associated with using this material has always been its main drawback.

Other materials

As mentioned earlier besides TPE and Silicone, there are a variety of other materials that can be used to make sex dolls. The list includes: Rubber, Fabric, Plush, Vinyl and Latex.

However we will not be discussing them at length in this article as most of these materials are not capable of making realistic sex dolls and they normally go for a different look/appearance with different uses and appeal.

Comparison of Silicone Doll vs TPE Doll

Silicone doll vs TPE doll

Can you tell which is a silicone doll and which is a TPE doll?

So to summarize here is our un-biased view of TPE doll versus Silicone doll.

Silicone DollTPE Doll
  • Tried and true material for sex dolls; many of the large manufacturers use this material.
  • Realistic; same material used in implants to body
  • Non-porous material
  • Good value for money; significantly cheaper than silicone with nearly all the same characteristics if not more
  • Elastic properties
  • Odorless material
Both materials are:
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • High degree of realism
  • Can retain warmth
  • Hypoallergenic

You should get a TPE doll if…

  • You are on a budget because TPE dolls are very good value for their money compared to silicone dolls.
  • It is your first doll since it is more durable and cheaper (since there is certain learning curve to know what you can/cannot do with your doll)
You should get a Silicone doll if…
  • You do not mind the price tag and would like a high quality doll. This is because silicone dolls have been around longer so the technique in doll making is more refined.

Ending Note

Honestly TPE doll and Silicone dolls are fairly similar and both have their slight distinct differences and the key it boils down to is which texture feel do you like more. If you frequent doll forums, you will see that doll enthusiasts have made these comparisons already and cannot agree which is better. Some say TPE provides a more realistic texture whereas others believe silicone dolls provide a more realistic texture.

Therefore if you can spare the budget it would be best to eventually own both a TPE doll and silicone doll for comparison and decide which one you ultimately like more. The most important thing is to make sure you are buying from the best manufacturers which is what we as a sex doll vendor work to ensure. So please check out our store now as we currently offer a wide range of TPE dolls (we are looking to add silicone doll manufacturers soon, so stay tuned).

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Hopefully you will find our products suitable for you and that our new content helpful. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on these new changes in the comment section below.

Guide to Blow Up Dolls

Although blow up dolls or inflatable dolls have been used as novelty gifts, it can actually function as a proper sex dolls. Blow up dolls can be a cheap alternative to the expensive silicone sex dolls and can be a great way to get started in the world of sex dolls. In this guide we cover all the information you need about blow up dolls.

realistic blow up dolls

Can you tell this is a blow up doll? (Its a latex blow up doll)

Why Buy a Blow Up Doll?

Blow up dolls have often been misused as gimmick items but when in fact they can, especially with some customization, function as an attractive love doll. So are blow up dolls suited for you? Here we look at some of the common reasons as to why people buy blow up dolls:

  • Cheap Sex Doll – Blow up dolls are significantly cheaper than silicone dolls. They can range from $15 – $300 whereas silicone dolls start at around $1000 and can easily get above $4000.
  • Easy Storage – The inflatable nature of blow up dolls allow for them to be easily deflated and stored away unlike other sex dolls. This can be perfect if you are space constraint or if you want to hide your hobbies from your guests or other half.
  • Light – The doll itself is light which means it is easier to manage when having sex (some silicone dolls are close to human weight)
  • Lots of choices including celebrity versions – Manufacturing blow up dolls are not as complicated and as a result there are a lot of varieties. There are even dolls made to resemble famous celebrities as well (lot more difficult to model a silicone doll after a celebrity).

As with all things there is always the other side of the argument and here are some reasons as to why people choose silicone dolls:

  • Life like doll – The technology of silicone dolls means that these dolls look extremely life like. It can be hard to distinguish the difference between a real person and a silicone doll at times.
  • Ready out of the box – Silicone sex dolls are ready out of the box and unlike inflatable dolls do not require you to set up.
  • Lots of features – Silicone sex dolls come with a lot of features and customizability. You can change nails, make up etc.
  • Silicone texture – Silicone texture feels better and can provide for more pleasurable interactions.

More information on silicone dolls can be found in our Best Sex Dolls Guide Online.

In summary, blow up dolls are a good choice for beginner sex doll enthusiasts as they are cheaper and easier to manage. However silicone dolls are significantly nicer and can be really worth the investment in the long run.

Types of Blow Up Dolls: Vinyl or Latex Sex Dolls

Blow up sex dolls come in two main types of materials: latex or vinyl.

Vinyl Blow Up Dolls

Vinyl Blow Up Dolls

Vinyl Sex Dolls

Vinyl is a cheap and relatively strong and durable type of plastic material. It can be manufactured in a variety of colors and is also resistant to moist and humidity thus making it perfect for cheap blow up dolls.

Latex Sex Dolls

Latex can be natural or synthetic and is often the material you get in specialist fetish garments such as those depicted in BDSM. It has also been used to make medical gloves and balloons, which make it suitable for blow up dolls as well.

So Vinyl or Latex?

Both materials has its pros and cons and price-wise they are both very similar. Therefore it is important to simply get the one that has the appearance you like more.

Vinyl: More durable but has creases even when inflated
Latex: No creases however can tear easily


Blow up dolls usually do not come with that many features to choose from due to their cheap price. Their appearances are relatively fixed and do not offer the degree of customizability that high-end dolls have. The main feature that blow up dolls possess are the number of holes (also known as orifices) that the doll has. Most blow up dolls only come with 1 hole which is in the spot of the vagina, however there are higher end blow up dolls that can offer two (mouth and vagina). Also some manufacturers make the head of the inflatable doll out of a separate material in order to improve the doll’s appearance as well.


Additionally there are some slight modifications that you can make to your blow up doll to increase the pleasure of using it as a love/sex companion. Here we share a few:


Instead of inflating your blow up doll, you can surgically input stuffing into it. This will make it similar to a plush doll except it will have the appearance of the original blow up doll. It will also make it more huggable and more sturdy. How to do this vary depending on how your doll is made but for starters below are the general steps:

Blow Up Dolls After Stuffing

Blow Up Doll After Stuffing

  1. Cut a 3 inch hole around the air fill hole of the doll and start stuffing her with filling. You can use material such as cotton polyester, poly-pellets, fiber fill or anything else fluffy (that you would like to hug) to fill them.
  2. Reach in to pack the stuffing down the legs and the whole body until it feels inflated.
  3. Cut a small slit in the side of each boob (this is because the boob is usually separate to the body) and pack the stuffing in with your finger until they are full.
  4. Similarly cut a small slit in the upper back side of her arm close to where it meets her body and stuff each arm as well (since arms are also separate from the body and the boob).
  5. Gently tape al the slits using some clear discrete tape together and voila!

A few notes:

  • Do not rip your doll anywhere that is unnecessary even if it is hard to fill because this will make your doll more prone to breaking and ripping in the future. Just be patient and do it slowly.
  • Avoid cutting slits where the doll is likely to move often as these areas will likely be put under stress and rip further

Adding an insert

Instead of simply using the hole that comes with your doll, it can be a good idea to add an insert (i.e. a fleshlight) into the doll itself. That way you will not experience the discomfort that can be caused by the rough vinyl or latex material and have a more enjoyable experience. Some of the more recent blow up dolls have orifices designed for you to add inserts in.

Having Sex with a Blow Up Doll

Just like real sex, having sex with a blow up doll can be an art. It is up to you on how you wish to proceed as the main point of this is for your own enjoyment. Given that blow up dolls are fairly light, this already allows you greater freedom when playing with your sex doll. It can also give you a glimpse into some of the fun and difficulties of owning a sex doll.

Anyways we have put together a few tips that we thought would be helpful, especially for first timers, when playing with their inflatable love dolls:

  • Inflation
    • Inflation is a fairly easy and straight forward. Just follow the blow up doll instruction if it comes with any but keep in mind to not over inflate because this could damage the doll. You may also decide to leave her slightly under inflated if you like to hug/squeeze your doll a lot.
  • Lubricate
    • Always use lube because no matter how well made love dolls are the texture of their material can easily cause friction burns or irritate your genitals.
    • Applying lubricant is fairly easy. Just apply it to the area you wish to have sex with (mouth, doll, vagina, ass) and then re-apply accordingly.
  • Clean and hygiene after use
    • After having fun with your sex doll it is important to make sure you clean it carefully and in accordance to the package directions (if there are). This is because lubes or body fluids left unclean can cause deterioration and damage your doll. Not to mention that good hygiene should always be practiced.

Buying Blow Up Dolls

Unlike silicone dolls, there isn’t any well-known or reputable blow up dolls manufacturers. This is because the technology required to produce them do not vary too much so it is difficult to differentiate between manufacturers and serious sex doll enthusiasts would be looking at the higher end silicone or TPE dolls mostly.

Therefore our advice when purchasing blow up dolls online would be to make sure you are ordering from a reputable vendor so that you can at least ensure your product will arrive safely and you will be paying for what you see in the photos. This is because we have known of many cases where the photos on cheap blow up dolls are often inaccurate and exaggerated. Another method is to buy it from your closest brick and mortar sex toys shop as most of them will carry some form of blow up doll there.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and found it informative. If you want to learn more about sex dolls in general check out “Best Sex Dolls Guide Online“. Or if you would be interested in buying sex dolls check out our shop here.

As usual we would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave us a comment or contact us here if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.

Top Japanese Sex Doll Manufacturers

Japan has always been known to produce high quality goods and this is the same when it comes to Japanese sex dolls. Japanese sex dolls are all produced from silicone and extremely lifelike, they generally look ethnically oriental. See below for some of the top Japanese sex doll manufacturers:

#1: 4Woods Dolls

The ‘4Woods dolls’ is one of the most popular sex doll brand in the world. They were established in 2002 are headquartered in Japan but have offices in US and Europe as well. All of their dolls are of high quality (such as very soft skin) and come with a huge variety of customizability and features; including some of the latest sex doll technologies such as movable hip joints. They currently offer 2 main line of dolls: A.I. Doll and Naughty Dolls.

A.I. Doll is the original line for 4Wood Dolls and consists of ‘realistic life-size silicone dolls’. These dolls were released in 2003 and have undergone continual improvement so they have become very realistic and come with a huge variety of options (such as head, body size, accessories… the list goes on).

Naughty Dolls was released in 2013 and are ‘fantasy life-size silicone dolls’. They possess a greater variety of appearances and features geared towards fantasy looks such as special ear shapes, cosplay costumes, special make up etc. This can surely satisfy the anime and cosplay lovers.

4wood's A.I. Doll

4wood’s A.I. Doll

4wood's Naughty Doll

4wood’s Naughty Doll

#2: Orient Industries

Orient Industries is another high end and popular doll brand within Japan. However as most of their dolls are shipped locally, they do not have much information for international buyers. As a result most of the dolls can only be bought through resellers only for a marked up price. As expected their dolls are of high quality and are made from silicone. They also offer 2 main styles of dolls: real love doll and love doll petite. The difference between the dolls lies in the fact that the real love doll are aimed to replicate real life size Japanese girls whereas the love doll petite are aimed at producing smaller dolls (less than 150cm). Both styles come with a variety of changeable heads. If you would be interested in ordering an Orient Industries doll then contact us here.

Orient Doll

Orient Doll’s Real Love Doll

Orient Doll's Love Doll Petite

Orient Doll’s Love Doll Petite

Top 10 American Sex Doll Manufacturers

Sex dolls are growing in popularity in North America, especially among single men (and women!). Read on below to find the top 10 American Sex Doll Manufacturers:

Real Doll

Real Doll

#1: RealDoll

RealDoll by Matt McMullen is the oldest brand in America, to which most other doll manufacturers wish to be compared to. Several different variations are available of these dolls both in male and female genders, and they even take customized orders to get the exact look you want!

Boy Toy Doll

Boy Toy Doll

#2: Boy Toy

Boy Toy is manufactured by the RealDoll company, but these dolls are a bit less real-looking, and are inspired by comic and anime characters. These are all part of a handcrafted and limited series, with three ‘generations” available currently. Several variations and parts are available to customize your doll a bit, but don’t expect RealDoll-levels of unique dolls.

Teddy Babes Example

Teddy Babes Example

#3: Teddy Babes

Teddy Babes are love dolls made of soft plush and poly-fil, and are just like a teddy bear, only in human-like shapes and looks. These are usually collected by enthusiasts, and are used less often for actual sexual acts. They are all female, and two sizes are available: 4.2 feet and 5.5 feet tall.

Mecha Doll

Mecha Doll

#4: MechaDolls

MechaDolls are cheaper, yet still high-quality alternatives to the other silicone dolls. These dolls can be customized out of several pre-made parts, and only come in female versions.


Virgin Rose Dolls

#5: Virgin Rose Doll

Virgin Rose Doll is a US brand that produces American sex dolls within the US. Their dolls are made from silicone and their price ranges are reasonable making them affordable. They dolls are also very realistic making them a contender for the top spots within America.

Private Island Beauty Doll

Private Island Beauties Doll

#6: Private Islands Beauties

Private Islands Beauties are very expensive and highly detailed platinum silicone dolls, which are also customizable. They use a custom silicone which is much more durable than on other dolls, which enables the owner to put actual make-up on the doll. Various heads are also available both with and without oral features.

Candy8teen Doll

Candy8teen Doll

#7: Candy8teen Dolls

Candy8teen Dolls are less expensive than most other options so far, and are hugely popular among doll enthusiasts, mostly because their lower prices. These dolls are not as detailed as the other, more expensive ones, and they have that bit of a Japanese schoolgirl look, but are solid when it comes to actual use.

1stPC Doll

1stPC Doll

#8: 1st PC

1st PC offers many different dolls both in Torso and Full sized. The former is a bit unique aspect of this company, these love dolls omit their lower bodies from below their belts. Their Foamie Dolls are made of silicone, and their breasts and butts are entirely created by using foam.

Mini Love Dolls

Mini Love Dolls

#9: Mini Love Dolls

Mini Love Dolls are similar to the others featured here, with the exception of their sizes: these are downscaled real-looking models of various girls and women.


Ruby13 Doll

#10: Ruby13

Ruby13 makes flexible fantasy dolls with several pre-determined options available to pick from. These dolls are not poseable; they can be bent like poseable ones, but they don’t retain their poses when the pressure on their arms and legs go away.

However technology and quality has been improving around the world and as can be seen as a testament is the high quality of doll that we source that are all manufactured and produce in China. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the most value for your money.