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Unlike other vendors, our focus is to help you find the perfect sex doll. That is why our site is filled with high quality content such as comprehensive guides, reviews/comparisons and tips to help you understand and assess your needs. We also have our own carefully selected line of dolls that we sell here. They are chosen for their appearance, quality and value.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Careful Selection Process

    Sex dolls sold on our website have undergone careful selection. They are picked both for their quality and pricing. We would never sell you anything that we are not interested in buying ourselves.

    All our dolls are either made of Silicone and TPE dolls. These are, in our opinion, the best materials suited for making realistic dolls that have the soft feel and texture resembling that of a real person.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Quality sex dolls are a work of art and therefore do not come cheaply. However we would also want to ensure sex dolls are affordable to all. That is why we work hard with our manufacturers to be negotiating the best prices possible for all our products. We ensure that we can pass on as much of the savings as we can to you.

  • Reputable Manufacturing Partners

    Our manufacturing partners have all undergone meticulous due diligence to ensure that they are not scams and that what you see is what you will get. We do this by going through both online research such as reading reviews, forums and contacting previous clients. Followed by asking the manufacturer questions that they must answer satisfactorily. Only when they have done so will we consider selling their dolls on our website.

    In addition we maintain a close line of communication with them in order to keep up to date with their latest updates and changes. We also talk to them regarding every single order to ensure it is all progressing smoothly and at a satisfactory rate.

  • Secure Payment

    Shopping online always has their associated risks. This risk is higher for sex dolls because buying sex dolls require full payment up front. That is why we understand the importance of secure payment and will therefore only accept payment through reputable secure methods such as Paypal to ensure that both of us are being protected as best we can.

  • Shipping/Delivery

    We have a detailed order and shipping process to ensure that there are no miscommunications during the ordering process. This is because we understand the horrible feeling you get when you wait 4 weeks just for a product that was not what you expected (yes it has happened to us before).

    We also wish to do our best to ensure that every doll reaches its master in a quick, safe and discreet manner. Our manufacturers are very experienced so they know how to package every doll in a careful and safe manner to avoid most damage that can occur during shipping. We also use shipping processes that are a balance between speed and affordability. Lastly we take our client’s privacy very seriously so we do our utmost to maintain it by using discreet packaging and careful methods of delivery and billing.

  • Client Servicing

    We believe good client servicing is the bedrock to any good business. Regardless of the issue we will endeavor to reply you within 2 business days in order to keep you informed and up to date of your order or your queries. If you don’t hear from us then feel free to shoot as an email to complain about the lack of response!

  • After Sales Support and Maintenance

    Our servicing does not end once you purchase our products. We can offer tips and tricks for maintenance and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Going forward we would be releasing more articles, pictures and videos teaching you about maintenance and care of your sex dolls. We also hope to be selling some accessories in the future to help you with this. So please keep checking back.

  • Custom Dolls and Product Suggestion.

    If you would like a custom doll, we are more than happy to work with you to facilitate and make this happen. Alternatively if you have product suggestions feel free to send us a note and we will consider getting it put and made into our platform.

    Feel free to drop us an email or contact us here because as we said we are focused to help you find your dream sex doll.

  • Feedback, Review and Stories

    Lastly we would love to hear your feedback and stories. Feel free to email us photos, interesting stories or comments of our dolls as some of them may even get quoted on our website!

About Sex Dolls

For more details please refer to our guide here.

What are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls also known as love dolls is a type of sex toy that is in the shape of a sexual partner and is used to help in masturbation. That is why sex dolls are equipped with orifices (orifices are openings in the body such as vagina) for sexual stimulation.

Why do people buy sex dolls?

One of the main reason people buy sex dolls is because they can fulfill all their sexual desires. This is because sex dolls can look exactly the way you want. You can have an unrealistic anime looking doll with green eyes, blue hair, big boobs and elf ears or a realistic looking sex doll that is tall and elegant with big brown eyes, wavy hair and a slender figure. In addition sex dolls will never say no to you, which gives you a sense of empowering feeling as you can play rough or gentle with them and can dress them up however you want be it a slutty nurse or naughty student. They are always ready and willing. Lastly you will also never be required to do anything you do not want to such as make conversation or do foreplay. Everything is in your control and exactly the way you want.

Besides the use for sexual stimulation, the uses of sex dolls have been commonly misunderstood. As depicted in the movie “Lars and the real girl” sex dolls can prove to be a comforting companion as well. Similarly there have been interviews where couples have claimed that sex doll to them are like a hobby and they take care of these dolls together in addition to their sex toy attributes. There have also been articles whereby lonely married men that work faraway from home have been using these as a form of controlling themselves from cheating on their spouse.

Regardless of the reason, we at mySexDoll.net feel it is perfectly fine to own a sex doll (or even multiple sex dolls!) and that over time it will be more widely accepted in society just like other forms of sex toys. At the moment there are areas in Japan where it is fine for you to go and rent the use of sex dolls.

Realistic Sex Dolls and Future Developments

The technology for sex dolls nowadays have reached a point where it is starting to become hard to tell a real person to a sex doll and this will only improve. Silicone dolls or TPE dolls nowadays have a really lifelike appearance and that it can be hard to discern from a distance whether it is a human or a doll. The textures of these materials are also very soft to touch and can at times feel better than real skin. The technologies for dolls are also improving rapidly as they currently have features whereby the dolls body has an inbuilt warmer (emulating body warmth) and can also make noises if squeezed tightly. It will probably be only a matter of time before we get highly realistic lifelike dolls with inbuilt computers that can interactive with us on a simple basis.

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